How do I apply?

We welcome children and families from all social, cultural and religious backgrounds. Children are admitted to the kindergarten as soon as they are 2 years old. Children can join the school at any point after they turn 2 subject to a space being available. The normal procedure for applying for a space at the school is for parents to arrange to visit the school when we show parents round and explain the school’s ethos and pedagogy. Following the parents’ visit we would ask parents to bring in their child to visit the school. Depending on the child’s age we may either observe them in situ or have a short interview/chat with them. We think it is important to be confident that your child will fit into our school and benefit fully from what we offer.

If we have space available older children will be invited for a ‘trial’ day so we can see how they get on in the classroom. Younger children come in for some familiarisation days to get to know the staff and children before starting. A member of the kindergarten staff team will also do a home visit for children joining kindergarten.

The very youngest children are invited to our weekly “Kinderplay”  sessions for 1-4 year olds where they can come and play in the kindergarten environment with a parent or carer and meet other children, parents and staff. These are held on a Tuesday from 10am to 11.30am.

If you would like to come and see the school please ring or email to arrange a visit.

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Open Days

We hold Open Mornings every week usually on a Monday. Parents are welcomed with a talk about the school and our philosophy and ethos. We then take a tour round the kindergarten and school classrooms to see the classes in action. Parents can take a look at the many displays, see the work the children are doing as well as have a chance to talk to the teachers and children. The children at Annan love to tell you all about their latest projects and enjoy showing visitors the things they have made.

We also hold a whole school Open Day once a term on a Saturday morning. This is a chance to tour the school as a family and teachers are on hand to chat to you and show you children’s work.

Our next Open Morning will be on 7th March 2020. Do give us a call to find out more.

Frequently asked questions

How do I arrange a visit?

Open mornings are usually held on a Monday morning. We welcome you with a general talk about the school followed by a tour of the classrooms in action and a chance to see work and ask questions. It is best if possible for parents to come without their child for their first visit. We can then focus on questions you would like to ask and can move around the school with minimum disruption the classes. We would then suggest a follow-up visit with the child when we can engage with them and the visit can be more tailored to their interests.

Do you have spaces?

There are usually spaces available for children to join the kindergarten from 2 years. For older children spaces are often available in some age groups so it is best to speak to Debby Hunter for advice on what is available.

Do you take children with special needs?

We have experience of a wide range of special needs. We also have a SENco who is responsible for learning support. We welcome children with special needs who can access the normal curriculum and timetable and whose needs are met in a Froebelian setting. We do also have Individual Needs Assistants who work with children who need additional support. An additional charge is made for this.

Do you do home visits?

For children joining kindergarten we would normally arrange a home visit. This would be one of the kindergarten staff who would come to your home to talk to you and your child and help get a fuller picture of your child before they start. We also normally visit younger children in the infant Sycamore Class who are joining us from another nursery or school.

Who settles my child into Kindergarten?

Each child in kindergarten has a key person who is one of the kindergarten team.  They will keep records on your child and make sure they are happy and learning at the right pace.  You will be able to meet regularly with them for a chat as well as see them in kindergarten every day.

How do children cope if they join from another school?

We have a lot of experience of helping children to settle into Annan from another school.  Children usually do a trial day and then are carefully supported by staff when they start with us.  Children settle in very quickly in our friendly and caring environment.