Our Ethos and Aims

Froebel’s philosophy of learning underpins the pedagogy at Annan School and we place great importance on active learning and self-activity. Active learning engages and challenges children’s thinking using real-life or imaginary situations.

Quality active learning builds on children’s previous experiences and provides differentiation and challenge. It allows for different learning styles and children’s independence but is supported by teachers who structure the environment and intervene sensitively to extend the children’s learning.

Self-activity as described by Froebel is concerned with when children are responsible for making choices, are respected as central to and active in the learning process in which they are engaged and involved in self-evaluating and make connections in their learning. Learning opportunities are therefore meaningful and motivating to children.

The aims of our school
• To value, nurture and educate each child to be knowledgeable, compassionate, responsible, creative and respectful
• To help realise the social, intellectual, physical and emotional development potential of each child
• To foster each child’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical well-being
• To foster each child’s concept of self, self-esteem and confidence to enable him or her to become an autonomous, creative and original thinker
• To be a centre of excellence and innovation offering fresh vision to education by using a Froebelian pedagogy

How do we achieve our aims?

We create a warm and caring atmosphere in which children, staff and parents all feel happy and secure. We support children’s learning through exploration, active learning and real life experiences.  We provide a curriculum which embodies Froebelian principles offering opportunities for wonder, exploration, excitement and collaborative purposeful learning.  We provide an attractive and stimulating environment in which learning can take place indoors and outdoors. We recognise and respect each child as a unique and creative individual with his or her own learning style and needs and to develop in each child an awareness of and a respect for the needs of others. We use a model of emotional intelligence and respectful communication to help children learn emotional maturity, co-operation, empathy and respect.

Our Mission Statement

At Annan we strive to create an inspiring and engaging environment in which everyone can develop as confident, thoughtful learners who are happy, love learning and make outstanding progress. We aim to provide a high quality education that extends beyond the classroom. Through our Froebelian pedagogy we teach through self-activity and independent thinking, starting from real life experiences.  Learning is meaningful, challenging and has purpose. We value Risk and Challenge, Respect and Empathy, Reflection and Responsibility; we help children learn to treat others with kindness in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We aim to create an environment that nurtures children and gives them the skills and attitudes that will help them be happy contributing members of society.