Fees 2018 - 2019



Fees – Pre-school
9.15 – 1.15 2 year olds (without 2-year-old funding) Minimum 2-3 days
 Minimum 3 hours per morning £5 per hour
8.00 – 9.15 &  

3.15 – 5.00

Wraparound care £5 per hour
 9.15 – 1.15  3 & 4 year olds – eligible for EYEE* (3-5 mornings) (younger children may be collected at 12.15 by prior arrangement)  £5 per hour
10.15 – 1.15 EYEE* Core offer (up to 15 hours) (EYEE funded)
1.15 – 3.15 Hours outside of EYEE offer  £5 per hour
3.15 – 5.00 Wraparound Care £5 per hour
 Fees – Infants  Reception to Year 2
9.00 – 3.30 Children eligible for EYEE*  £1530 per term
9.00 – 3.30 Children aged 5 and over (see below) £2970 per term
You can continue to claim EYEE for children until the end of the term in which they turn five.
Fees – Juniors Year 3 to year 6
9.00 – 3.30 £2970 per term
Fees are payable termly in advance or by monthly direct debit by prior arrangement.
Children receive the Early Years Educational Entitlement for five three-hour sessions per week from the beginning of the term after the term in which they have their third birthday.
The core hours for our EYEE offer are 10.15-1.15.
Any time taken outside of these hours is chargeable at our hourly rate of £5.00 per hour.
In 2018/2019:
Children born between 01/04/15 and 31/08/15 – eligible for EYEE from September 2018
Children born between 01/09/15 and 31/12/15 – eligible for EYEE from January 2019
Children born between 01/01/16 and 31/03/16 – eligible for EYEE from April 2019
Children receive the entitlement until the end of the term in which their fifth birthday falls.
Additional costs:
School Lunch (two days per week, all children except pre-school) £72 per term
Outings and visits £23 per term
Optional Additional costs:
Individual Support (1:1 or small group) per half hour session £15 per session
Piano lessons (individual) payable directly to the piano teacher £12 per lesson
Guitar lessons (individual) payable directly to the guitar teacher £10 per lesson
After School Clubs (Monday-Thursday 3.30 – 4.30) £5 per session
Minibus service (pick-up/drop-off Lewes/Ringmer area) flat fare £2.75 per trip
 £1.00 siblings
Registration fees
Registration fee payable on application (per family) non-refundable £50 per child


Frequently asked questions

Do you offer the Early Years Entitlement?

Yes children can attend for up to 15 hours of funded time.  Parents then pay for time and resources outside of the free entitlement. We receive all the paperwork from the Local Authority – parents just have to sign it in school and provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate.

At what age are children eligible for Early Years Entitlement?

Children become eligible at the beginning of  the term after their third birthday until the end of the term in which they turn five.

Are there any bursaries available for school aged children?

Unfortunately we do not have any bursaries or scholarships available.

Can I pay in instalments?

Fees are due at the beginning of each term but we are happy for parents to arrange to make monthly payments to spread the cost of fees.