Celebrations and Performances

Celebrations and Performances

At Annan we like to Communicate our learning by making it visible. During the Communicate Stage of our learning become the performers, the experts, the informers,  share their achievements with others in many different ways; through sharing project books they have made, publishing their work for an audience in written form, or through film, art work, drama, dance, models, ICT application such as PowerPoint.  Projects culminate in an event such as an Open Classroom or Gathering to which parents, peers and the whole school is invited  .In this way children  have opportunities to learn from others,  evaluate finished products/processes through talk and reflection,  celebrate their achievements and reflect on their learning.


Whole School Productions

Our most recent whole school productions have been Midsummer Night’s Dream and Wind in the Willows.  Every child in the school is involved in the shows. Children help with the props, costumes, write the script, learn the songs, write the music and perform in front of an audience of over 100 parents and friends. Parents help as well sometimes directing, making props, setting up the theatre as well as serving refreshments!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have music concerts?

We have two music concerts every year, one at Christmas and one in the Summer Term.  All children who learn an instrument get a chance to perform a solo or ensemble piece.  There are also opportunities for the children to sing in the Choir and perform with the Samba band.

How is children's work celebrated in school?

Children’s work is celebrated in class by the children and teaching staff.  When children have made a particular effort they are given the opportunity to show their work to other classes or teachers or Debby and Mark Hunter.  Children can also bring work to weekly gatherings where it is shown to the whole school and they can talk about what they learned and build both their confidence to show their work to a group and also to boost their self-esteem.

Do children have special days to raise money for charity?

Every year we support numerous charities through special events such as “Bake a Difference”, “World Porridge Day”, dressing as a favourite character for “World Book Day” as well as charities which children themselves have suggested.

What is the Winter Festival?

Every December the whole school celebrates Winter with a weekend Festival held at school.  There are stalls, musicians, story tellers, food and drink, a Snow Queen grotto and lots of other lovely things set up all round the school grounds.

What is the Strawberry Tea Party?

At strawberry time we hold a lovely Strawberry Tea Party for families and friends which culminates in singing, music and Maypole dancing.

Do children learn about religious festivals?

Children love finding out about Festivals around the World and every year we try to join together for a celebration of some of the major festivals.  A highlight of the year is the Chinese New Year Banquet which is celebrated with music, dressing up and much eating of Chinese food.  We also find out about festivals from other traditions and religions such as Sukkot, Hannukah, Diwali and others less well known.