Films at Annan

Films at Annan Working with film has two functions at Annan. Firstly, as our curriculum has many practical and physical dimensions, making films of some of the activities we do in class allows us to capture moments in a unique way. Some of the videos linked on this page will give you a window through which you can see some of the project work that we have undertaken. Secondly, the children have also been keen film makers themselves, and have thoroughly enjoyed exploring animation and film making as a way to express their creativity and to tell a story. Through film making projects the children weave together skills from many different areas of the curriculum, such as literacy, maths, art and ICT, motivated by their desire to create and unleash their imaginations. Here are some of the films we have made to share with you….

Lights, Camera... Action!

Our topic ‘Lights, camera… action!’ was born out of the children’s desire and curiosity to explore the medium of film. We were all very excited to see where the theme would lead us…

In Kindergarten the children came in to find a photographic studio in their classroom. The children learnt to take their own photographs. They were able to find their own props and used them in playful and creative ways. A real interest in photography was born and the children were keen to continue their learning.

The children in Oak Trees turned The Cottage into a giant dark room where everything was completely black! The darkness was explored and investigated. The children had fun playing hide the objects in the dark and discovering what changes happened to their senses in the dark. Then light was introduced! When torches and candles were added to the space shadows danced around the room. ‘Could we make puppets this way?’ let’s discover!

The junior classes went to Hove museum, and to their exhibition on early film making and animation. Zoetropes, thaumatropes, magic lanterns, phenakistoscopes, Buster Keaton, celluloid. A whole world of new experiences was opened up. The children marvelled at the mechanical ingenuity that brought the first moving images to life on screen. Could we make a film? Could we create an animation?

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