Kindergarten Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Kindergarten buried their time capsule in the garden outside the Keilhau building. It is 200 years ago this year that Froebel opened his first school in Keilhau, Germany. There are bicentennial celebrations going in Keilhau in April which Mark and Debby are attending.
To recognise this special year the kindergarten have filled a special box with memories of their time in kindergarten. We will dig it up in April 2023 when the current Silver Birch children will be in year 6! There was a little ceremony at which four of the current Elder Class talked about their memories of kindergarten which made it very special. The Silver Birch children then stood up to show everyone their beautiful pictures and writing before the box was lowered into the hole and everyone had a go at filling the hole with mud. It was such a lovely experience and one which we hope the children will treasure forever.