Learning Support

Learning Support and SEN

Learning Support

Annan School is committed to providing the necessary support to ensure that all our pupils are able to access the curriculum and work at the top of their ability level. Additional support with learning is provided throughout the school and is based on each individual pupil’s learning needs.

Pupils who are experiencing difficulties with their learning receive additional support which includes the provision of differentiated materials and tasks within the classroom, and one-to-one or small group sessions where appropriate.  Any child for whom additional support is put in place will have detailed records kept of the support given which is closely monitored and reviewed termly. This usually takes the form of a Pupil Passport which highlights the pupil’s strengths and learning difficulties, and suggests strategies which class teachers may use to assist them in their teaching. It also lists targets which the pupil will be focusing on in the subsequent months. Pupil Passports are reviewed termly with the parents.

Some pupils with learning difficulties may be referred by the SENDCO for an assessment by a specialist such as an Occupational Therapist or Speech and Language Therapist.  In some cases if significant learning difficulties are suspected a recommendation may be made for a more in-depth assessment from an Educational Psychologist.

Gifted and Talented pupils at Annan School are identified through a range of evidence, such as the ongoing assessment, the standard of class work and teacher recommendation. Gifted pupils are those who excel in academic areas of the curriculum.  These pupils will be provided with extension work within lessons. Those who are particularly talented in English receive weekly sessions with a children’s author where work of an even more challenging nature is provided.



Our aims for children with Special Educational Needs

We believe all children have a right of full access to the EYFS and the school’s Primary Curriculum and a right to expect to learn in a caring and considerate environment where the staff and the children are all valued for their contribution to school life. We are committed to the early identification of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and to working closely with parents who are fully involved in all decisions that affect their children’s education. We  provide, within available resources, the highest possible quality support and inclusive education for children with SEN.

Frequently asked questions

What support is available in school for children with SEN?

Where children have a disability or special need, the school aims to make any reasonable adjustments it can to provide a differentiated curriculum, resources and learning support to meet children’s needs. We do recognise that for some children the environment and ethos may not meet the needs of the child even with reasonable adjustments in place. This is why we like to explore with parents whether or not Annan is the right choice for their child. If there is a need for an increase in staff or for additional resources over and above that available to all children, the school will attempt to source external funding where this is available. If additional funding is not available, parents will be required to fund any additional provision necessary.

What SEN does the school have experience of?

Staff at Annan have experience of working with children with a wide range of Special Education Needs.  These include children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, sensory difficulties, aspergers, autism and non-specific learning difficulties as well as a range of emotional and physical or medical needs.

Does the school have a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator - SENCo?

The school’s SENDCO is Ania Ponitka who jas an NaSEND qualification and considerable experience of working as a SENDCO special needs in  schools in East Sussex. The Principal who oversees SEN is Mark Hunter who also has a lot of experience of dealing with agencies and organising support for children with SEN. We have also supported families through the Education and Health Care assessment process and can organise assessments and therapy for children who need it.

How will I know if the school can meet my child's needs?

We advise parents to come in to talk through what would be needed to support their child and consider whether the environment is suitable and their child’s needs could be met at Annan.

What support is there for Gifted and Talented pupils?

Children who are exceeding what is expected for a child of their age by a significant degree would be offered extension work both within the class situation and also in small groups.

How do you support children with English as an additional language?

We are committed to making appropriate provision of teaching and resources for children for whom English is an additional language. We use a whole school approach in supporting them and value and welcome the diversity and enrichment a child with English as an additional language, together with their family, can bring to our community of learners. Please see our EAL Policy for more information.

EAL Policy