Moving On

Moving On

Children leave Annan at eleven.  By the time they are ready to leave, our aim is for children to be well equipped academically and personally for the next phase of their education.  They should be able to speak for themselves, listen to others and to have discovered the love of learning.  Children are fully prepared for the move onto local state and private schools. We believe that our unique holistic approach in small classes gives children the self-esteem, confidence, skills and enthusiasm for learning which builds strong foundation for future success and happiness – at secondary school and beyond.

After Annan children go on with confidence to a range of different secondary schools in the local area. Children have won scholarships to Lewes Old Grammar and Brighton College. Others have gained spaces at Bedes, Mayfield Girls, Michael Hall, Skippers Hill Prep and other independent schools further afield.  A significant number also go on to local comprehensive schools including Priory, Uckfield Community College, Heathfield, Ringmer and Chailey Schools. All children leaving Annan at Year 6 have been awarded their first choice of school.

What do the children say about Annan when they leave?

“Thank you very much for all the happiness, excitement, love and energy you have put into Annan School for us all to enjoy.  In the years I have been at Annan I have learnt to love to learn!”

“How can I begin to thank you for all you have given me over these past seven years?  What I love about Annan is the nature it offers me and the freedom and happiness I gain from it while still learning.”

Frequently asked questions

Some of the questions parents ask about what happens after children leave us at 11 years.

How do you prepare children for secondary school?

We believe that the most important skills children need to develop are those of an enthusiasm for learning, independence, emotional intelligence, self confidence and self discipline.

We work hard to develop these skills and give the Year 6 children a number of responsibilities such as leading the school forum, working with younger children, being librarians and other smaller daily tasks to help them develop these skills.

Do you have links with local secondary schools?

We establish links with all secondary schools to which children transfer.  Obviously they all have different systems for helping children with transition but we ensure that we participate fully in any linking opportunities and encourage the receiving schools to come and visit children at Annan wherever possible.

Are there any special events for the Year 6 leavers in the summer term?

Children in Elder Class go on a residential trip to an outdoor pursuits centre and take part in a range of exciting activities such as climbing, canoeing, hiking, sledging and so on.  They also get the opportunity to take part in a “Moving On” parade with other local schools.  This involves a carnival procession through the streets and a party in the park afterwards with other Year 6 children in the county.

Do you do SATs tests in Year 6?

At Annan we don’t do formal SATs testing but we do keep very detailed assessment records. We believe in preparing children for secondary school by developing their self-confidence and making sure they have a good level of understanding in all areas of the curriculum not by spending months preparing them for an external test.

What are you aiming to achieve with children by the end of Year 6?

At Annan School we believe in educating children to believe in themselves and reach their own unique potential.  We value and celebrate each child’s achievements and by setting high standards of achievement and challenge each child can realize their own unique potential.

Do you help parents with choosing which secondary school to apply to?

Meetings with parents of Year 6 children are held both with the class teacher and separately with the Principals. Options are discussed and parents are advised on the procedures and where appropriate the most suitable choice of schools. Parents are supported throughout the process and the school has also supported children applying to selective schools with mock interviews. Where parents choose to use a tutor for example when preparing for a particular entrance exam the class teacher at Annan liaises with the tutor throughout the process.

Do children get places at their first choice school?

To date all children have gained places at their first choice schools both in the maintained sector and at selective independent schools such as Lewes Old Grammar and Brighton College where a number have been awarded scholarships and bursaries.