Parent Partnership

How can parents get involved?

The combination of parents and teachers working together for the benefit of the children is a vital part of the strength of Annan School.  Parents are members of the “Friends of Annan School” which organises social and fund raising events.  Parents also join working parties for example developing the nature area and putting in a wildlife pond.  They run produce stalls and make crafts for the Winter Festival.

Partnership with parents is very important to the community at Annan.  There are weekly school newsletters and regular parent/teacher meetings are held.  Teachers  are always willing to arrange after school meetings to talk through concerns or changes at home etc.  Parents are also invited to regular Festivals held each term.   These include: Lantern Festivals, Advent festival, Christmas Carol concert, May Dancing, and Strawberry Tea.

Parents and children regularly share in the Learning Journeys which are kept for each child.  These contain pieces of work and a photographic record of children’s progress and enjoyment of learning.  Parents are also invited in to Open Classrooms and other exhibitions of work as well as music concerts and drama performances.

Parents often share their skills with children under the guidance of staff, offering contributions such as music workshops, felting, art workshops, dance or reading with children.

Parent's Voice

It has been so satisfying to have been part of a community of teachers and parents who share a vision of what education should be for young children“.

I had a lovely sense of our growing feeling of belonging to a really wonderful community tonight at pick up, whilst watching the children play; thank you.

“Thank you so much for your introduction to the maths curriculum.  I feel better equipped to help the children with their homework.  Lucky children to have maths taught with so much enthusiasm, patience and interesting resources.”

The Winter Festival was so magical and lovely. We all had such a great time. Thank you for orchestrating such a special day. X”

Friends of Annan School

The Friends of Annan Farm is a group to which all parents at the school belong.  It is run by a committee of parents, in partnership with the school. The main aims of the group are to fundraise for the school, to organise social events to build community at the school and to establish links and represent the school in the wider local community. The Friends do not get involved in the governance of the school.  The Friends was set up in 2010 to raise money for enhancements and extras and has successfully raised thousands of pounds which have paid for a range of resources for the children such as library books, gardening equipment and camping equipment and enhancements to the outdoor areas. The Friends group also organises a host of events such as the Winter Festival, the summer Strawberry tea, an Auction of Promises, Parents social events and Cheese and Wine evenings.