School Trips

School Trips

Real life memorable experiences are central to the Inspire Stage of our curriculum.  Going out to visit museums, country parks. art galleries, and places of interest create high levels of enthusiasm and excitement for all areas of the curriculum.  Every new term starts with an outing which can be just one class or several classes together.  We make full use of everything the local area has to offer as well as regular trips further afield to museums and galleries in London.

Children come back inspired and keen to discover more about the things they have seen, touched and heard about on their trips.



Some recent trips:

Tower of London

Hove Museum

Brighton Toy Museum

Preston Manor House

Dickens Museum

Towner Gallery

Neasden Hindu Temple

Anne of Cleves House

Science Museum

Elder Class Residential Trip

In the Summer Term the Year 5/6 Class go on a Residential Trip for 3 days. They have a wonderful time trying new activities and sleeping in dormitories with friends. Previous activities have included canoeing, climbing, sledging, swimming, archery, fencing and much more. Specialist activities are run by qualified instructors while Annan teachers and one of the Principals Mark or Debby Hunter also accompany the group. The residential trips alternate yearly between a UK venue and a Chateau in Dieppe, France where children really get to grips with speaking some French and eating French food.

Frequently asked questions

How often do children go on school trips?

We start each new topic with a trip wherever possible.  Often children’s interests lead the teacher to organising a second trip during the term.

Why are trips important?

Nothing beats first hand experiences and a well-planned outing can provide weeks of work in and around the classroom.

How much do trips cost?

Trips are costed at £20 per term.  Residential trips for the Year 5-6 children are more expensive depending on the venue.  They might range from £150 in the UK to £350 for a trip to France.

Will my child be safe?

Before any trip teachers will have done a pre-visit.  They also write a Risk Assessment which is checked by the Principal Mark Hunter who is also responsible for overseeing the organisation and staffing of the trip and goes on most outings with the class.  There is always a high ratio of staff to children and all adults wear fluorescent jackets at all times.  Children wear wristbands with the group’s emergency contact number on.  There are strict guidelines about walking around roads or public areas which all adults and children are  aware of.