Sukkot Gathering

Our Sukkot Gathering was held on a bright afternoon with the sun filtering through the roof of our Sukkah. We began with a blessing and a song, as during Sukkot Jewish people try to spend as much time as possible in the Sukkah; singing, eating, drinking, telling stories and even sleeping.

We talked about the construction of our Sukkah – branches interwoven, with gaps so as to see the stars at night. Jewish people remember their ancestors wandering the desert, grateful to have been given protection by God from the harsh elements by way of palm leaves and other natural foliage.

The festival is centred on gratitude. Every child from Kindergarten to Elders thought about what they are grateful for and it was so special to hear and read all of these. We then got up to have a go at ‘shaking the lulav’, giving out thoughts for a good harvest, before ending with everyone tucked inside the Sukkah to share delicious challah bread baked by Kindergarten.