Our Staff



Mark Hunter

I completed my teacher training at Froebel College which is now part of the University of Roehampton.  I have always believed deeply in Froebelian Education and know that it can make a difference to children’s learning.  I am proud of the Annan School and am pleased to have the opportunity to provide children with such a rich and inspiring curriculum.  I love showing people around the school and spreading good practice more widely.  I spend a great deal of time on admin but really enjoy getting out of the office to accompany classes on trips and to run weekly gatherings and other celebrations and concerts.


Debby Hunter

I love being Principal of Annan School. I started my early teaching career in London where I taught right across the primary age range. I have always loved working with young children and have taken several post-graduate courses in Early Years Education including the Froebel Certificate in Early Years Education.  I am pleased to have recently completed an MA in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Roehampton . I have enjoyed seeing the school grow and flourish and spend a lot of time talking to parents and children and being part of all the creative learning which goes on around the school. I have great fun teaching French to all children in the main school and working with children of all ages.



Amanda Lucy

Head of Infant House and Kindergarten Class Teacher

Early Years is my passion and my area of expertise for over 20 years! I truly believe that embedding a strong, enthusiastic love of learning and valuing children’s agency in the foundation years is of paramount importance for enabling children to be self-motivated, critically thinking lifelong learners. Having a genuine interest in the lives of the children you are teaching, a passion for teaching, an enthusiasm for learning oneself, warmth, openness and a sense of humour, form the basis of what I consider to be the making of an inspirational educator and are ingrained in my practice. The educational philosophy and pedagogy at Annan allow me to teach in this way.


Debbie Leahy

Class Teacher of Sycamore Class

I have worked in childcare and education for many years and have always loved being a part of each child’s learning journey. I have taught across key stages, in a variety of settings and what I enjoy most about working at Annan is that the children are given the time and space necessary to make their learning meaningful and secure. There is also a real sense of community where every child is supported and nurtured to enable them to be the best  person they can be.


Alastair Leigh

Class Teacher of Willow Class

I have been teaching primary age children for many years and consider it to be an absolute privilege to play a part in children’s early development.  There are so many aspects of teaching at Annan School that I love.  I am particularly passionate about developing children as writers and storytellers.  Learning through a strong connection to nature is also close to my heart, but above all the freedom to create learning experiences that harness the natural enthusiasm, curiosity and joy in children is what makes Annan shine!


Jeannette Atkins

Class Teacher of Elder Class

I studied at Maria Grey College in West London and started teaching before the National Curriculum was introduced. My training and early career was very Froebelian and concentrated on child-centered approaches to education and teaching topics which were relevant to and exciting for the children. Throughout my career, teaching has undergone many changes and I longed to teach again without the constraints of the National Curriculum.


Sophie Coppard

Class Teacher Oak Tree Class

I studied Primary Education at Canterbury Christ Church University with a focus on History and Religious Studies. Following experience in several schools in the South East, I recognised that Annan was the supportive and fulfilling environment in which I could grow as a teacher.  Children develop at their own pace at Annan, with their interests at the heart of the curriculum.  As children move into Oak Tree Class their previous learning comes together as they develop into explorers, artists and individuals. It’s a joy to nurture the resilience, patience and understanding necessary to facilitate this process.

Rest of the Team

Sophie Foxwell Teaching Assistant
Sarah Montgomery Teaching Assistant
Chryso Chellun Teaching Assistant  
Emily Bright Teaching Assistant  
Sally Crouch Teaching Assistant  
Dee Woods Teaching Assistant
Helen Thoms Forest School teacher
Josie Anderson Senco
Paula Fisher School Secretary
Alex Butler Guitar teacher
Annie Murray Piano teacher
Sarah Montgomery Teaching Assistant
Haley Callahan Teaching Assistant
Chantelle Ives Teaching Assistant
Simon Laslett Bursar